About The Man

E a r l y D a y s

The nature of voice has always been present with Tim. In his youth, he was never shy to stand up and speak before a crowd, to voice out the opinions needed amongst his peers, or to call out that "That wasn't a [REDACTED] headshot." In his time as a thespian during high school, he would perform his monologues to the utmost depth of soul he could muster, and still look for improvements upon his completed work. No matter the story, he would always volunteer to read aloud, his inflections being as second-nature as he would breathe. As a young, amateur writer, the stories he wrote and the characters he made were envisioned to have a particular gait or a tic of their hands, all in which he felt that could come out as he spoke what he wrote. The words upon the paper were life to him, and life he wanted to give breath to tell their story.

E v e n t O r g a n i z a t i o n

Upon his entry to adulthood, he would find himself in the stead of being an organizer for competitive gaming events. Having ran as a full time business for half a decade, he would take the greatest pleasures in video announcements to the local communities, announcing the matches during the tournaments, and announcing in his own way his attacks to his opponents (during casual matches only of course). The greatest compliment received was when being told the professionalism and etiquette of his speech during announcements compared to other organizers of similar status. Nevertheless, while there was great pleasure in those aspects of his career as an event organizer, he was able to first hand create, manage, and improve daily upon himself and his business, understanding the depths of being a sole business owner. Constantly were the adjustments to fine tune management of equipment, flow of paperwork and ruleset changes, and project management of one event to the next.

T o T h e F u t u r e

The next stage of his life shows that one cannot just earn his bread alone, but must means dress it with butter, meats, or other fine delicacies. The void in his life to transform his humble toast into a Michelin 3-star sandwich begins here, with you. Be a part of the early days and forge the bonds of legends with him. Be a part of the journey into becoming as gods. Be the roast beef in his sandwich. Reach out now to him for a consultation, to learn together what can be done for your project.